ARVN Remains Recovery

Recently in Saigon, a construction crew uncovered the remains of 81 ARVN soldiers. The crew is building the new HCM Transportation University at the site of the abandoned Quang Trung National Recruit Training Center of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam). The construction crew quickly notified VAF of the find.

The remains were scattered throughout the area, indicating that the soldiers died in a firefight defending Saigon against North Vietnamese Army forces. Thirty-six of the soldiers still wore their ID tags. The ID tags of 6 of the soldiers are burnt and bent, suggesting that they died in an artillery barrage.

VAF recovered the remains with proper ceremonial honors. Then they took the remains to a temple to be attended until retrieved by family members. The following soldiers are identified by their ID tags. If you believe that one of the soldiers is your relative, please contact VAF for information.

  1. Cao, Van Tinh
  2. Tran, Van Sang
  3. Nguyen, Van Quoi
  4. Nguyen, Van Chuc
  5. Tran, Dinh Dang
  6. Bình Dinh
  7. Pham, Van Thang
  8. Ngo, Van Duc
  9. Le, Thanh Cong
  10. Dao, Xuan Sinh
  11. Nguyen, Tang Dao
  12. Bui, Van Quang
  13. Huynh, Van Khoe
  14. Kieu, Gia Long
  15. Nguyen, Van Hai
  16. Van Lam
  17. Le, Van Manh
  18. Lam, Van Ho
  19. Trang, Van Quan
  20. Tran, Van Ban
  21. Do, Van Dung
  22. Tran, Van Tham
  23. Le, Van Trai
  24. Nguyen, Dinh Hien
  25. Pham Dinh
  26. Nguyen, Van Cat
  27. Tran, Huu Duyen
  28. Bui, Hoang Sam
  29. Pham, Van Muoi
  30. Le, Xuan Quang
  31. Vu, Van BaoVu
  32. Nguyen, Van Hung
  33. Nguyen, Van Tuan
  34. Nguyen, Van Ma
  35. Nguyen, Van Lua


May 11th, 2011 | Category:  In The Field