1. Vision-Goals-Archives

1.  Vision.

  • These fallen soldiers may have fought on opposing sides, but they were all Vietnamese who sacrificed their lives for the future of their cherished country. How can we allow some to be glorified while others are cast aside and forgotten? The Vietnamese government shames itself by allowing these offenses to continue, yet the administration even now has a chance to do what is honorable by respecting each of its fallen countrymen. To do so, the government must cooperate with our efforts.

2.  Goals.

  • In Vietnam, there will be a place to remember the past of the vietnamese living history.  Left untended to the Bien Hoa National Military Cemetery, the wounds of the war can not heal.
  •  The Vietnamese American Foundation has applied for a permit to restore the Bien Hoa National Military Cemetery. When given permission, we intend to properly bury the unidentifiable remains we discover in reeducation camp graves and a group of unknown soldiers found in a mass grave on the grounds. While those who died in the reeducation camps were civilians imprisoned by the Vietnamese government after the war ended, many were ARVN soldiers and officers, and all were servants of their country who deserve distinction for their sacrifice.
  • It is about 16,000 graves in ruin and destroy condition.  The restoration must be done soon (ASAP)

3.  Archives.

  • We destroyed the toilet, built by the authorized administration  after April 30th, 1975
  • We restored four stair ways and walk ways around the Memorials
  • We re-built an Altar at the front of Memorials.
  • We have done restored 2173 graves (June -July 2015), we restored them as the last model before April 30th, 1975.  The fall of Republic of Vietnam.