“The condition and upkeep of the final resting place for so many brave South Vietnamese soldiers is understandably an important issue, especially for the families of those buried at the Bien Hoa National Military Cemetery. We can all agree that ensuring the dignity of military cemeteries is a sacred and solemn duty.  The Department of Defense (DoD) will always value and remember the sacrifice mad by these soldiers, many of whom, as you note (1), died alongside of U.S and allied forces during the war.” (2)

We, VAF and family members make peace by finally releasing and honoring those who perished in the re-education camps. The project seeks to relieve the pain and suffering of these unfortunate families, many of whom never knew what became of their fathers, husbands, sons, and brothers.

We, VAF seek to honor and respect Republic of Vietnam’s Fallen Soldiers and personnel to rest in peace.  Through this process, we can relief the painful caused by the legacy of war.



1.  To return of the last casualties of the wars in Vietnam will bring peace of mind to the families who suffered.

2.  To return of the last casualties of post-war re-education camps (in the high land jungle of North Vietnam)

3. To restore the Bien Hoa National Military Cemetery

4.  To honor and respect Republic of Vietnam’s Fallen Soldiers and personnel to rest in peace.



1.  We recovered about 300 remains of casualties of post-war re-education camps.

2.  We recovered 120 casualties of  Quang Trung National Recruit Training Center of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) who fought to dead from April 28-April 30, 1975, last days before the fall of South Vietnam.

3.  We re-installed 4 stairs way of Nghia Dung Dai (the symbol to honor the ARVN fallen soldiers).

4.  We re-installed 214 graves at Lot B4 and Lot B5 of the Bien Hoa  National Military Cemetery.


(1) Mr. Lowenthal

(2)  Second paragraph  of DoD letter which sent to Mr. Lowenthal, date Aug. 21st , 2014